Building your Authority Reputation With Online PR

Done right online PR offers powrful tools for using the Internet to build your authority reputation in your niche, as well as alerting the trade press to new products services and offerings. Altman Commuications knows how to develop story angles, communicate your story and get it into the right hands.

Here's how:

1. Research, planning, and interviewing you for the development of best story angles,

2. Writing press releases using story angles that work best. Releases are designed to get a response from readers, including the media.
Each press release will be optimized for a primary keyword phrase, and will also include a secondary keyword phrase. Because of Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing other phrases may also get some search engine juice.

3) Press Release Distribution

• Placing the release on a primary distribution site will be done without any additional charge.
• We have a database of best online distribution services. For most purposes the most cost-effective is PRWeb • There are also many other possibilities in our database:

- Specialty newswires, international (also for different languages), for social media, for specific industries , for geo-targeting, for penetrating blogosphere, for RSS feeds, and Google Alerts.

- There are a few free and low cost distribution wires that can be effective.

2B. Media Pitching

This differs from press releases in that we research names of and information on reporters for specific publications/outlets. Note what have they written about. Tailor story angles specifically for them (angles they would be interested in). Send letters/emails that pitch your story.

Developing a database of relevant reporters and writers, and what story angles might appeal to each.
- Pitch Letters – Writing individual emails to reporters showing why a particular story angle would appeal to their readership

-Article placement - we research appropriate onlinevenues and pitch your articles to those websites.

2C. Media Kit

- organize and write content for media kit (company backgrounder, bios, faqs, sample releases, availability for quotes, etc.


2D. Online Media Room

Design and create an online media room. - basically a microsite attached to your main site.

Using online press releases does double duty:

-It reaches the media - reporters, editors, journalists in your niches
   (you can target local media as well as reach thousands of reporters nationwide)

-But it also reaches your prospects.
You see keyword targeted press releases rank high in the search engines. Often your press release will rank higher than long established websites.

With the right story angle and multimedia offerings, each online press release can act like amini-marketing explosion into the Internet. Here's an example of how one PR distribution service uses multi-media for your releases.

One of the best features is down at the bottom of the release (where it says "embedded iframe"). That's where your website is shown right on the release. You choose what page you want shown. And all the links are live. So all of the thousands of Reporters and consumers who see your release can easily start exploring your website. Now you see why I call it a mini-marketing explosion.

I've sent out press releases that have landed my clients on the cover of important industry publications as well as on websites attracting thousands of prospects.



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