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So how do you take advantage of
Social media without wasting time and money

The noise about social media is deafening. But where is the ROI? Where is the conversion?

I'd like to show you a social media plan that has proven to get people to take action and convert to new customers and sales.

For example - my premium webinar course "Linkedin Profits" was promoted almost exclusively through social media, discussion group posts and conversations on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

Through careful tracking I - found exactly what discussion posts where most valuable. Which kinds of posts led to comments and the most clicks. There was a strategy and a plan to the posting.

Here is a quick look at a small part of my posting schedule for a Linkedin campaign. Note that I divide the posts by the offer that was included in each post (a report, or webinar. )

Then discussions, fan pages, tweets, were crafted to add value and organically lead people to the optin page.

That's what effective social media finally comes down to: getting people to a compelling opt-in page on your website. In this case people opted in to my free webinar about Linkedin. From the free webinar many then signed up for my premium Linkedin course.

So to take advantage of social media you need a strategy and plan.
You need to know what page on your website to drive people to. And you need a compelling offer, e.g. Report, ebook, webinar, video, audio, consultation, etc. The more valuable the offer is perceived to be the better.

I can create this plan for you and develop a way to execute it efficiently and effectively from start to profit.

To talk about a social media plan and campaign execution, just call me at 888-650-9714, or click the button and fill out the form.



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