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Is B2B selling harder than B2C?

According to a recent article in “Sales Machine,” B2B selling is not only harder than B2C it’s massively harder.  Here are some of the reasons according to the article:

REASON #1: The B2B buyer is vastly more sophisticated. For instance, because the Internet makes comparative pricing information publicly available, it is not at all unusual for a buyer in a B2B transaction to know more about the product category and the competition than the sales professionals who are trying to sell that type of product.

REASON #2: The stakes are much higher. B2B buyers and decision-maker are being paid – often quite high salaries — to understand what they’re buying and how it will be used. They can lose career points and get fired if they make a wrong decision, something that never happens when a consumer purchases a consumer product.

REASON #3: B2B selling requires more knowledge. It’s not enough just to understand a product and be able to present it coherently. B2B selling generally involves diagnosing a customer’s challenges and then coming up with a customized solution that may very well involve a long-term business partnership.

REASON #4: B2B selling demands better people skills. When consumers buy a product, typically there’s only one or two decision-makers involved (like a husband and wife). Corporate buying decisions can involve dozens of decision-maker, influences, stakeholders, and nay-sayers.

REASON #5: B2B selling involves more patience. While even “big-ticket” consumer sales (like homes and cars) can be completed in a day or a week (at most), many B2B deals involve weeks and months of intermittent activity, meetings, phone calls, back-and-forth documents, along with all the politics and persuasion that characterizes large bureaucracies.

Here’s the entire article

What do you think? Is it massively harder?

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