A B2B case study must have quantified benefits in order to be effective . . . well, maybe not

There’s no doubt that a customer-reference case study with a slew of well-proven results, such as ROI and cost-savings,  makes a strong argument for a particular solution or company. So it’s worth it to make the effort to start tracking results and getting metrics as early as possible.

But what if you don’t have robust metrics yet? What if you have customers who are really happy with your solutions and are happy to recommend you but don’t have the metrics yet?

According to long time marcom writer Tami Demayo, that may be fine with your potential customers. “They don’t expect every case study they read to have benefits in the order of six-figure savings and 100 percent ROI in two months.” Demayo says that a sincere rationale from pleased customers can  “can make a significant contribution to closing a sale.”

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