B2B campaign winner – “For Dummies”

One look at this piece for Limelight Networks and  it’s got your attention, seducing you into reading it right away.

content-for-cloudIt uses the sticky content technique called triggering. As Joshua Berger, author of “Contagious,” explains it, triggering works by associating your message with something people know about.

In this case, it’s the famous For Dummy series, something everyone associates with simplifying subjects you want to know more about. The writing in these books is clear and they explain new subjects in an easy manner. So you immediately assume the material in this piece will be clear and easy to understand. And it is.

The table of contents here is a very smart way to present bolded copy bullets. They both summarize the content and tease the reader into finding more. In these bullets, the reader gets a compelling preview of the cloud services Limelight Network offers  and some of the features and benefits.

Company: Limelight Networks. Results: nearly 10,000 social media and news release views and $200k+ worth of sales opportunities.

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