Is email better than social media for your business?

Nowadays it seems like social media is the attention-getting young athlete performing on the field while email is the grandfather watching quietly in the stands. But which really gets more action for your brand? Here’s some surprising analysis from social media rockstar Chris Brogan.

According to Brogan, “93% of people have a daily opt-in relationship with at least one consumer brand. 15% on Facebook. 4% on Twitter.”

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The Rodney Dangerfield of B2B marketing

B2b autoresponders don’t get the respect they deserve. Sometimes they get lumped in and confused with email newsletters. They are  related but different. Email newsletters work on an ongoing editorial calendar and are  usually formatted as html.

Autoresponders often work best as text emails , providing a more intimate feeling. They should feel and read as if they are written for one person as opposed to a broadcast message.

Often b2b autoresponders are simply used as a one email follow-up to people who have opted in to receive a report or other offer. That’s missing multiple opportunities to engage the prospect and bring them closer  to a meeting.

Or because good consumer autoresponders can be so engaging, writers sometimes write the same kind of autoresponder for a b2b audience, even though the degree of personal revelation  found in consumer emails doesn’t quite fit b2b marketing.

It’s clear that b2b autoresponders are misunderstood or relegated to a marketing afterthought.

So what  should b2b autoresponders be? [Read more…]

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