How software provider Sword Ciboodle markets on Twitter

Sword Ciboodle, which sells software to facilitate call centers and online FAQs, uses multiple Twitter streams to leverage the power of  Twitter. At any one time the company has 5 to 7 people tweeting on the company’s behalf on their accounts.For instance, the analyst relations manager follows all the analysts that follow the company offline, while someone else  focuses on competitors’ tweets.

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Use YouTube Analytics to determine your most engaging content

Which of your videos on YouTube are the most engaging? Easy. Check your YouTube analystics platform. It will tell you the number of views your videos attracted as well as how long they held people’s attentin. Analyze the factors in those videos which  proved to be  most engaging and develop more content around those

Videos for your website

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Is email better than social media for your business?

Nowadays it seems like social media is the attention-getting young athlete performing on the field while email is the grandfather watching quietly in the stands. But which really gets more action for your brand? Here’s some surprising analysis from social media rockstar Chris Brogan.

According to Brogan, “93% of people have a daily opt-in relationship with at least one consumer brand. 15% on Facebook. 4% on Twitter.”

For more on Brogan’s take on email, click

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What is the value of a Facebook “liker”?

Facebook released some studies on the value of a “liker.” There are a number of benefits, but to me this appears to be the key one:

“ They are also more interested in exploring content they discover on Facebook — they click on 5.3x more links to external sites than the typical Facebook user.”

In other words, “likers” are more likely to go to your website – which means more chances to have them join your list.

See Facebook’s suggestions:

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Think B2B uses social media less than B2C? Think again

The common perception is that B2b companies use social media less than their counterparts in B2C. Turns out that’s not the case. A study conducted by revealed a number of surprising trends:

  • 81% of B2B companies were likely to maintain company-related profiles on social networks, compared to 67% of B2C companies.
  • That gap stayed true for a wide range of social media activities; 75% of B2B companies participated in Twitter (compared to 49% for B2C), 74% hosted a blog (compared to [Read more…]
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